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About The Film

DIRECTOR: Steve James
PRODUCERS: Steve Devick, Steve James and Bruce Sheridan
RELEASE DATE: March 2014
RUN TIME/FORMAT: 75 Minutes – DCP Digital
MPAA RATING: PG-13 for thematic elements involving sports violence and injuries

From the acclaimed director Steve James (Academy Award-nominated Hoop Dreams, Emmy Award winning The Interrupters), Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis is a revealing documentary featuring never-before-seen neurological findings related to rugby and soccer players that will serve as a wake-up call for those who think that the devastating chronic effects of repetitive head trauma are only an American football and boxing injury.

Inspired by events from the book
Head Games, written by former Ivy League Football Player and WWE Wrestler Christopher Nowinski, Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis will capture the attention of a worldwide audience and expose a problem that has undeniably become a silent epidemic on a global scale. Internationally respected medical experts, professional and amateur athletes and their families will offer eye-opening insights and cutting edge science on head trauma that will demand that the perception of concussion change to guarantee the health and safety of athletes as a top priority.


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