Head Games tackles the alarming and often deadly trend among athletes to continue playing sports after suffering multiple concussions. In his newest documentary, Steve James, the award winning director of Hoop Dreams, calls for a dialogue on the topic that takes these injuries more seriously.

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The Right Hook

Steve Devick, executive producer of Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis, discusses the film and the silent global epidemic that is concussion with host George Hook.

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'Silent epidemic' of brain damage and dementia caused by concussion in rugby and other sports

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Sportsmen and experts including Barry O’Driscoll, the former medical adviser to the International Rugby Board, have warned of the dangers of head injuries in the film Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis. O’Driscoll, who resigned from the IRB medical advisory board two years ago in protest at its handling of head injuries, cites the treatment of his own nephew, Brian O’Driscoll, as evidence of the problem. The Ireland star was allowed to return to the pitch after suffering concussion during a match against France in March last year. “If that had been allowed in the United States, during an American football match, then the officials involved would have been sacked,” he says in the documentary.

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Rugby's concussion tests are 'laughable', claims England star Corbisiero

The film, Head Games, directed by acclaimed US documentary maker Steve James, highlights the decades of denial in American Football which led to the NFL being ordered to pay out $765million (£460m) to former players who suffered serious mental health problems linked to concussion.

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Concussion in sports documentary receives premiere at Valley’s Mayo Clinic

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“Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis” delivers an unfiltered looked at one of the more-troubling story lines in today’s sports world. Never-before-revealed neurological findings of rugby and soccer players make a strong case that repetitive head trauma is not just a concern for football players and boxers.

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